12th New Jersey Infantry

The 12th New Jersey Infantry served as members of Smyth’s Brigade in Hays’ Division of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a position marker at the Bliss Barn.

12th New Jersey Infantry Monument. duplicate (20436) duplicate (20435) Gettysburg April 2011

Dedicated: May 26, 1886. Relief plaque cast: 1892.

Location: West side of Hancock Avenue. The monument indicates the line of battle taken by the regiment on July 3, 1863.

Description: A granite shaft topped by a granite representation of a musket ball resting on three buckshots. A bronze relief plaque on the front of the monument depicts the soldiers of the 12th New Jersey engaged in battle at Bliss Farm. A trefoil symbol appears on each side of the shaft. The monument is one of twelve honoring New Jersey troops engaged in the Gettysburg Campaign and one of thirty-two with bronze reliefs. The bronze relief plaque was created by Beattie & Brooks, and was cast by the Henry Bonnard Bronze Company. M. Reilly carved the monument. Monument is a three-part polished granite shaft with a pyramidal cap containing a representation of a buck and ball and set on a 5.6 foot square rough cut base. The shaft has a bronze bas-relief obverse, and incised letters. Relief sculpted by Beattie and Brooks. Flanking markers are one foot square.