4th Michigan Infantry

The 4th Michigan Infantry Regiment served as members of  Sweitzer’s Brigade in Barnes’ Division of the Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument.

Monument to the 4th Michigan Infantry. Gettysburg February 2012

Dedicated: June 12, 1889.

Location: Located on DeTrobriand Avenue in the Wheatfield. Marks position held by 4th Michigan Infantry on July 2, 1863 when Confederates poured into the Wheatfield on three sides, exposing regiment to explosive fire.

Description: Granite memorial with sculpted relief of a color bearer on the front. The soldier stands holding the flag at his proper left side, a cannon behind him. Monument is 6.7×4.4 foot composed of seven rough hewn granite courses with an apex top. Overall height is 10.4 foot. There are polished inscription panels on the north face and a relief of an infantryman and gun on the south side. The flanking markers are apex topped with inscriptions on the south face, one foot square.