20th Massachusetts Infantry

The 20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment served as members of Hall’s Brigade in Gibbon’s Division of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a bronze position marker sign.

Monument to the 20th Massachusetts Infantry. original (22677) Gettysburg June 2011

Dedicated: Oct. 20, 1885.

Location: Hancock Avenue, west side 100 yards south of Copse of Trees. Monument indicates the position held by the 20th Massachusetts Infantry on the evening of July 2 through July 3, 1863.

Description: The conglomerate boulder, also known as a “Puddingstone,” was taken from a playground in Roxbury where the unit was initially organized. The base has incised inscriptions on the front and rear, and a corps symbol on the front. Overall height is 11.2 feet. Monument that has two flanking markers. Flanking markers are 1.6×8.5 foot and were altered in 1903.