19th Massachusetts Infantry

The 19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment served as members of Hall’s Brigade in Gibbon’s Division of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a bronze position marker sign.

Monument to the 19th Massachusetts Infantry. duplicate (17953) duplicate (17952) Gettysburg September 2010

Dedicated: 1885.

Location: Hancock Avenue, east side near the Angle and Copse of Trees. Monument indicates the position held by the 19th Massachusetts Infantry on July 3, 1863 prior to and during Longstreet’s assault before rushing toward the Angle to assist the Philadelphia Brigade.

Description: Slant-faced marker includes relief images of a knapsack and a bugle. An infantry cartridge box rests on top. The front inscription block and the knapsack are polished. Monument is a chamfered granite shaft with a flat face topped with a cartridge box and set on a 4×5 foot rough cut base with tooled edges. The shaft has an incised inscription in polished stone and the angle has a detail of a knapsack and bugle. Overall height is seven feet. Flanking markers are 1.6x.8 foot with a polished face and gable design.