13th Massachusetts Infantry

The 12th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment served as members of Paul’s Brigade in Robinson’s Division of the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Monument to the 13th Massachusetts Infantry. Gettysburg June 2012

Dedicated: October 1885.

Location: Robinson Avenue, near the base of Oak Hill. It indicates the position held by the 13th Massachusetts Infantry on July 1, 1863 near the base of Oak Hill where color sergeant Ronald G. Morris fell. Later in the day, the regiment retreated with Paul’s Brigade to Cemetery Hill.

Description: It is 10.9 foot high with an 8.8 foot circumference. The base is five foot square. Cylindric sculpture with a conical cap stands on a low, square base. Relief elements include a draped flag and tondo of Daniel Webster in profile on the sculpture and a cartridge box, bayonet and scabbard on the base. The monument had a cost of $500.