9th Massachusetts Artillery Battery (Trostle Farm)

The 9th Massachusetts Artillery Battery served as members of McGilvery’s Brigade of the  Army of the Potomac’s Artillery Reserve. The regiment is honored by a monument and two position markers.

9th Massachusetts Artillery Battery marker. Gettysburg June 2011

Installed 1885.

Location: United States Avenue, Trostle Farmhouse. Located on the north side of United States Avenue west of the Trostle farm house, along the historic farm lane.

Description: A limber chest of polished granite rests on a rough-hewn stone base. The monument marks the second position held by the Ninth Massachusetts Artillery Battery on July 2, 1863. Monument is a 3.7×1.3 foot block of granite in the form of an artillery limber chest and set on a 4.7×2.2 foot rough hewn base that rests on a large native boulder. The block contains inscriptions. Overall height is five feet.