5th Massachusetts Artillery Battery

The 5th Massachusetts Artillery Battery served as members of McGilvery’s Brigade of the  Army of the Potomac’s Artillery Reserve. The regiment is honored by a monument and a position tablet.

5th massachusetts artillery battery

Dedicated: October 8, 1885.

Location: Wheatfield Avenue, north side, near Sickles Avenue and Excelsior Field. The monument indicates the position held by the 5th Massachusetts Battery on July 2, 1863, when it shelled the advance of Kershaw’s Confederate Brigade as it proceeded over the Rose Farm.

The monument originally stood on Hancock Avenue, approximately 3/4 mile northeast of its present location.

Description: The monument consists of a plinth and gable topped with chamfered edges. A polished Maltese Cross adorns the front of the die and polished crossed rammers appear on the front slant face at the monument’s top. The monument stands on a low base. Monument is a 4×3 foot granite shaft with a gable top that has chamfered edges and set on a 5.6×4.7 foot base. The shaft has polished Maltese Cross with inscriptions on the east, west, and south. A polished inscription of crossed rammers appears on the front slant of the top. Overall height is 7.3 foot.