20th Maine Infantry

The 20th Maine Infantry served as members of Vincent’s Brigade in Barnes’ Division of the Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument, a secondary monument, and a position marker.

Monument to the 20th Maine on Little Round Top

Dedicated June 1886.

Location: South slope of Little Round Top, off Wright Avenue. The monument is installed on the rocks where the infantry’s colors where planted and where Col. Joshua Chamberlain stood when he refused his line into a V to meet the oncoming Alabamians on the late evening of July 2, 1863.

Description: Polished granite rectangular block monument with apex top and cross emblem on front, set atop boulder. Monument is a polished granite shaft three foot square with apex top on a four foot polished base. Overall height is 5.4 foot. The whole rests on a boulder. Inscriptions are cut into all four sides. Located on rocks in the Vincent Spur or saddle area between Big Round Top and Little Round Top.