6th Maine Artillery (Dow’s Battery F)

The 6th Maine Battery (Dow’s Battery F) served as members of Taft’s Brigade in the Army of the Potomac’s Artillery Reserve. The regiment is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Dow's 6th Maine Artillery Battery

Dedicated: October 3, 1889.

Location: West side of South Hancock Avenue. Monument marks the position held by Dow’s Maine Battery on July 3, 1863 from the morning hours until 10:00 A. M. on July 5. They engaged in artillery duel preceding Longstreet’s Assault on the third day.

Description:  Tapered square marker stands on a low, rough-hewn base. A pyramid of cannon balls tops the piece. Relief elements on the front face include a star, cannon barrel, rammer, drum and other military accouterments. Monument is a two-part tapered granite shaft with a top containing five stacked black polished cannon balls and set on a six foot square rough cut base with a tooled edge. The lower part of the shaft has a bas-relief front and the upper part has a bas-relief front, with incised inscriptions on four sides. Flanking markers are 1×1.6 foot.