2nd Maine Battery (Hall’s Battery B)

The 2nd Maine Battery (Hall’s Battery B) served as members of Wainwright’s Brigade in the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument at Gettysburg and a secondary position stone.

Hall's Second 2d Maine Artillery Battery B Monument

Dedicated: October 3, 1889.

Location: North side of Chambersburg Pike. Monument indicates the position held by the 2nd Maine Battery on the late morning and afternoon of July 1, 1863 when it engaged Confederate artillery.

Description: Tapered, rectangular shaft stands on a hammer-finished, ogee base. The shaft has an apexed top and is castellated at the corners. Atop the apex and each corner are polished spheres. There is a bust in relief of a uniformed artilleryman on the front face. The bust is set in a concave surface in the die. Overall height is 13.3 foot. There is an inscription and portrait on the south side. The flanking markers are 1.6×1 foot.