82nd Illinois Infantry

The 82nd Illinois Infantry served as a member of Schimmelfenning’s Brigade in Schurz’s Division, of the Eleventh Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a main monument.

Monument to the 82nd Illinois nfantry. Gettysburg June 2012

Dedicated: Sept. 3, 1891.

Location: West Howard Avenue. The monument marks the first line of battle held by the 82nd Illinois Infantry prior to their retreat to East Cemetery Hill.

Description: The monument consists of a round shaft with a bullet-shaped top. It stands on a squared pedestal and two-tiered base. There is a band of stars near the top of the shaft and a relief a palm branch and wreath towards the middle. There is a round State Seal on the front of the pedestal. Base is smooth stone that is five foot square. Overall height is 12.6 foot.